Gesundbüro® is a unique planning philosophy with a prophylactic effect which transforms sedentary offices into working environments which promote health and movement. All employees are intuitively encouraged to move about more without requiring additional time or space.


We spend too much time sitting down! Compared to our nomadic ancestors who only spent about 2-3 hours a day sitting, the average office worker is seated for two thirds of the day, which is often more than 8 hours in the office. Today’s working environments are primarily sedentary spaces. However, sitting too long puts too much strain on our metabolism and musculoskeletal system. The consequences are lifestyle diseases such as musculoskeletal and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and depression.

The Gesundbüro® planning concept integrates regular possibilities for movement into existing buildings and office environments and thus into the daily work process. The time spent seated is therefore strongly reduced and the impulse to move is supported intuitively.



Sedentary areas are transformed into motion-stimulating working environments using the Gesundbüro® concept. A holistic analysis of the entire property and all areas both inside and outside the building forms the basis for planning. We examine the floor plan and use our tools such as ActivityCode® and Netscan® to record the real-life communication and work processes of each individual employee. The result is a modern and healthy space or workplace concept, including activity-oriented infrastructure with elements to encourage minimal movement impulses among employees.

Gesundbüro® AWARD

The Eurocres Gesundbüro® AWARD is the first award for outstanding motion-stimulating and health-promoting product solutions for working environments. This international competition is aimed at all product manufacturers within the furniture industry and neighbouring sectors who wish to distinguish their product with health and movement-promoting elements. An expert jury uses a tested system to evaluate and select the best products.


The Gesundbüro® Certificate is a leading seal of quality that distinguishes product solutions and working environments which are characterised by particular properties that encourage health and movement. The Gesundbüro® Index, which identifies the quality and effectiveness of products/working environments, is determined based on a scientific process.

The Gesundbüro® Certificate is the industry standard for occupational health and gives companies and manufacturers a competitive advantage while contributing to market transparency.

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