Gesundbüro® Certificate: the quality seal for health-promoting working environments, products, and concepts – manufacturers and users benefit from the industry standard for modern working environments.

Gesundbüro® Certificate

New products and concepts for working environments are launched on the market almost every day. But how can the user recognise whether it’s an effective health-promoting product or concept?

The Gesundbüro® Certificate recognises outstanding health-promoting product solutions and concepts, providing manufacturers and users with guidance and decision-making tools.

The certificate is awarded to manufacturers of innovative and healthy product solutions and to companies who have successfully implemented a work environment that promotes health.

Product Certification

Product solutions which have been designed and developed with the help of particular health and movement-promoting elements and features may receive the Gesundbüro® Certificate after they have been submitted and the review process is complete. The review is based on a proven evaluation system used by a specialist team composed of experts from science and practice. Products which stand out immediately will automatically qualify for the Gesundbüro® AWARD. Further details on the product submission and certification process can be found


A healthy, dynamic and attractive work environment is one of the most fundamental factors for corporate success today. The Gesundbüro® Certificate recognises companies who have implemented an innovative, healthy and movement-promoting workplace concept. With this certification, the company sets itself apart from the market, increases its attractiveness to employers and takes responsibility for its employees. The certification process is based on a scientifically-developed tool. Further details on the procedure and submission can be found



Buzzi Balance Board

Hersteller: BuzziSpace

Solid wooden disc for standing and balancing with round base | Activates the muscles | Strengthens sense of balance | Can be used in pairs | Promotes communication

Balance Office

Hersteller: König + Neurath AG Büromöbel-Systeme

Holistic workstation combination of height-adjustable table and swivel chair with standing/reclining backrest | Organic design and stimulating opening mechanism accelerate dynamic work | Inspiring feel


Hersteller: Gymba Oy

Functional, movable balance board, can also be used as a small bridge | 3D torsion of the board due to load shifting | Use while standing | Triggers new motion impulses | Ideal for working while standing

Globe Concept

Hersteller: Moment AB

Innovative, inspiring workstation | New setting of movable table & fixed chair | Micro-impulse thanks to spherical movable seat and backrest | Encourages back massage & balanced sitting


Hersteller: Wilkhahn Wilkening+Hahne GmbH+Co.KG

Dynamic moving stool collection | Active sitting through curved standing and sitting area | Three-dimensional support structures with visual and haptic value invite you to use the product | 100% biodegradable printing material

Balance Office

Hersteller: König + Neurath AG Büromöbel-Systeme

Office chair with Trimension® synchronous mechanism | Promotes ideomotor movements of the body | Body conformity validated by laboratory study | Increased well-being & improvement of concentration confirmed by field study


Hersteller: Nowy Styl Group

Modular system encourages “construction” | Movable seat modules rotate on their own axis | Enables a wide variety of combinations | Pleasant feel.

Axia 2.5 Smart Active

Hersteller: Scandinavian Business Seating GmbH

Thoughtful “seating system” | Helps to prevent prolonged sitting | Gentle vibration signal shakes the user awake | Adjustable intervals | Smartphone app informs user | Additional fitness and health tips


Hersteller: Loook Industries

Surprisingly movable furniture inspires flexible sitting in a relaxed posture | Soft seating with swing and turning effect | Deep seating surface forces “strained” sitting and standing movement.

Active Sitting Solution PURE is3

Hersteller: Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG

In addition to a completely new approach to 3D sitting, the chair has hidden inner qualities | Combination of an integrated sensor with an app and continuous training programme | User is encouraged to change their posture, disrupt their sitting time, and do workouts which are suitable for the office

Vetro Health Office Booth

Hersteller: Vetrospace

Intelligent solution for a relaxed personal space on the surface - different sizes - easy to construct, all you need is a power connection | Filter system cleans air + light system kills 95% of bacteria | Incentive for the employee to get up/move around and work/make telephone calls in this space

Opposite Circadian

Hersteller: ES-System

Lighting with biological effect for all workstations | High visual comfort through precise imitated daylight - Circadian System | The special configuration of white, blue and red lights causes a higher release of melatonin, which promotes either the relaxation or stimulation of the employee

Winea Flow

Hersteller: Wini Mein Büro

Holistic quality product with surprising inner values | Conventional inhibition thresholds are offset by novel, intuitive operation and a high-performance lift | High-quality execution and design quality gives rise to user needs

You and Me Ping Pong Table

Hersteller: RS Barcelona

Well-known sports equipment in a new design | Functional details allow rapid changes of use | Healthy, varied office space in different areas of application


Hersteller: Materia

This product is the epitome of the Gesundbüro® philosophy | Combination of encouraged fun and healthy, forced movement | The design, in a minimalistic adaptation of nature, has found its way into the National Museum of Stockholm

Smart 3-in-1 Whiteboard

Hersteller: Smarter Surfaces

Smart 3 in 1 movement-promoting wallpaper | Combines whiteboard, project surface and magnetic mountings in one | Promotes agile work, communication, stimulates movement and brings a lot of fun to the daily work routine


Hersteller: System 180

Multifunctional communication furniture with unexpected versatility | Listening, working, presenting and rearranging all force different patterns of movement | Brushed and powdered lightweight stainless steel construction creates flexibility in a modern design


Hersteller: Erik Jörgensen

An extraordinary piece of furniture which attracts attention with every look | At first glance it seems almost playful, at second glance you notice the great variety of uses and movement possibilities | Guaranteed fun factor in selected office areas!

Kippel-Barhocker D

Hersteller: Hipp Möbel-Design

Tall bar stool | Permanent micro-impulses through the finely balanced tilting runners | Fear of falling is removed by a safe, unknown micro swing


Hersteller: Wilkhahn Wilkening+Hahne GmbH+Co.KG

Surprising seating furniture design for indoor and outdoor use, adapted to different postures | Anti-comfort as a philosophy for encouraging physical activity | Adapted seat frame with non-slip “saddle cover” made of felt in different colour combinations brings an atmosphere of joyful communication

Ongo® Free

Hersteller: Ongo®GmbH

Height adjustable standing seat aid in various designs | Agile stand design guarantees lasting micro-impulses | Seat version supports flexible sitting in a low, halfway and standing position


Hessian Ministry of Finance, Wiesbaden

Implementation of an Gesundbüro® working environment for 250 seats

Alteris The Partners, London

Implementation of the Gesundbüro® workplace concept

Opel Automobile GmbH

Implementation of the Gesundbüro® work concept for 950 employees