Eurocres GesundbüroAWARD 2018

The Eurocres Gesundbüro® AWARD sensitises the industry to introducing new health and movement-promoting products & informs the user about the latest developments in the market. Submit your product!


We don’t move about enough – and in the office we always adopt the same posture. This can contribute to many lifestyle diseases. For this reason, our working worlds need to change. The Gesundbüro® AWARD identifies and awards the best international product solutions which have a positive impact on the health of people in working environments. The competition raises awareness within the industry, accelerates the introduction of new products, and informs users about successful models. The AWARD 2018 was advertised at the leading trade fair for modern working environments, ORGATEC, in front of 600 exhibiting furniture manufacturers.


The international expert jury tests and evaluates the competing models in several phases according to a points system. The products are rated according to the following system:

  • Motivation: Is the product fun to use? Does it encourage intuitive use? How innovative is the product?
  • Design: Is the product appealing, self-explanatory & functional? Is it characterised by a pleasant design and attractive materials?
  • Movement: Does the product encourage physical activity? How strongly is the musculoskeletal system activated during use? To what extent is the promotion of physical activity proven?
  • Practicality: Is the product appropriate? Is the product secure and safe to use? How functional is it?
  • Senses: Which senses are addressed? What are the haptics like, how do the surfaces feel?
  • Total score: A total score from 0 to 100 – the Gesundbüro® Index – is calculated from the individual results. The winners are determined on this basis.

Wiebke Otto

Divisional Manager of Service and Finance | Dataport AöR

Wiebke Otto is the divisional manager in the areas of service and finance at Dataport. The business graduate has been managing a small IT company for six years. In addition to today’s areas of responsibility, Otto also led the HR department for three years. Otto has been working on transforming the offices into modern working environments for around four years.

Jenö Kleemann

Partner and Founding Member | Eurocres Consulting GmbH | Berlin

Jenö Kleemann is a founding member and partner of Eurocres Consulting GmbH. His focus is on leading national and international mandates in the areas of corporate real estate and workplace management.

Klaus-Peter Hesse

Managing Director | Central Real Estate Committee | Berlin

Klaus-Peter Hesse has been the Managing Director of the ZIA Central Real Estate Committee association since 2011. Previously, the trained real estate expert and specialist for the real estate and housing industry was a press spokesman responsible for the communication of the association. Between 1997 and 2015, Hesse was a member of the Hamburg city parliament and from 1993 to 1998 he was the State Chairman of the Junge Union Hamburg.

Ralf Dassau

Project Manager | Change management & work placement concept | Hamburg & Berlin Offices (HUBO)

Ralf Dassau is a Project Manager for the Change Management & Workplace concept at Vattenfall GmbH. The business graduate managed the Recruiting and HR Marketing department for more than three years in the field of renewable energy. He then spent four years as HR Manager at Anheuser-Busch-Inbev, the largest brewery in the world. He has worked at Vattenfall GmbH for more than five years and has been responsible for the Hamburg & Berlin Offices programme for over a year.

Andreas Rauth

Human Performance Architect | Accenture

Andreas Rauth (Dipl. BW, Management Consultant, Mental Coach and Human Performance Architect) is the founder, creative director and visionary of HEALTURE. He focuses on the idea of people as a success factor and develops strategic systems and business models for current changes in the world of work in order to offer employees in a professional environment the ideal conditions to remain efficient and healthy in the future.

Dr. Birgit Sperlich

Institute of Sports Science | Julius-Maximilians-University | Würzburg

Dr. Birgit Sperlich is a sports science graduate and works as a research associate at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg at the Institute of Sports Science. Sperlich completed her PhD on “The Health Effects of Physical Activity in Everyday Life”. Her areas of research include the promotion of physical activity; factors influencing physical activity, in particular office work; developing intervention measures to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary lifestyles through behavioural and/or environmental changes.

Additional Benefits


The winners of the Gesundbüro® AWARDS will be presented and marketed accordingly. The award distinguishes the product from the market and significantly increases visibility. In their own communications and marketing, winners can also use the AWARD winner label to stand out from the competition.


The Eurocres Gesundbüro®AWARD improves your profile as a designer and manufacturer of a health-promoting product for work environments. You are acting as a multiplier for one of the most important global trends of our digital age – the megatrend of health. The accompanying press work, presentation and link to the Eurocres Gesundbüro® online portal will help you.


The winners of the Eurocres Gesundbüro® AWARDS will receive the Eurocres Gesundbüro® trophy during the award ceremony and will also receive an Gesundbüro® Certificate. As a result of this award, they will create their own platform and receive maximum attention in a top-class and specialised environment consisting of architects, planners, manufacturers, dealers, key decision makers and, above all, users.